Leaders in 21st Century Learning

The Metiri Group serves the education community through a broad range of products and consulting services that empower educators and education institutions to:
  • Advance effective teaching and learning through an understanding of best practice, current research, and emerging trends;
  • Use digital tools with associated measures in powerful and meaningful ways;
  • Foster essential 21st Century, non-cognitive skills in students, teachers, and administrators; and
  • Develop learning organizations that are prepared for and actively provide Digital Learning opportunities to all students.

We have worked with some of the greatest names and organizations in 21st Century skills and digital learning. Some of our clients include:

Alliance for Excellent Education

Alberta Ministry of Education

American Schools (Singapore)

Amplify Education

Apple Computer

Clark-County Public Schools


Digital Promise



Illinois State Department of Education


International Society for Technology in Education

Massachusetts State Department of Education

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Michigan State Department of Education


National Commission for Teaching and America’s Future

New Jersey State Department of Education

New York Botanical Gardens

Peru International School


Universal Design Implementation and Research Network

University of Kansas

U.S. Department of Education

Utah State Department of Education

We are a team of professionals with multiple layers of experience in education (teachers, administrators, state directors, technology coordinators, grant specialist, assessment coordinators, etc.). We are all passionate about digital learning and helping the vision that we first articulated in our enGauge document adapt and come to life in today’s schools and universities. We are a woman owned, small-business that partners strategically, works diligently, and is 100% focused on making sure that the work we engage in empowers effective digital learning.

We Believe that Educational Organizations Can…

thrive, transform, become high-performance learning systems, address non-cognitive and applied skills, empower lifelong learners, dive into organizational change, ensure alignment, engage in capacity building, use tools and research that encourage systems thinking